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iFileX's functionality and design is based on Mac OS early-era file search tools such as Find File and Sherlock, now replaced by Spotlight.
There been existing another search tool for years,
Find Any File, from which iFileX borrows some special features. If you like iFileX, please try out Find Any File as well, as it offers additional features not available in iFileX.

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HUD Main Window

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Hierarchical ordered results

Browse and select files.
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List View

Use filters and narrow your search data
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How to use iFileX:
If you want to remove for example an application named - you can enter 'myapp' in the name field.
To narrow down the search you can add a new query and set it to 'Creation Date' and set it to 'Within last 1 hour' (Given you installed less then 1 hour ago).
Then click on the search button. iFileX will then search for files which include 'myapp' in the filename and created within 1 hour.
When searching is finished, a new window will popup including all found files.

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Search in hit list:
Sometimes iFileX can find many files. It is therefore very useful to search in this list too by entering keywords in the search box.

- If you want to uninstall applications you can use any uninstaller (as iTrash) but those tools not always find obscure files. With iFileX you can locate them very easily. Use the query 'Creation date' and 'Within last ….' for retrieving all possible related files created by the application you try to remove.
- Many applications save hidden files at unusable locations of a volume. You can easily reveal those by using the 'Only show hidden files'.
- Always try to narrow down the search bandwidth by adding more queries. Hence it is difficult to search the results when you have more the 10000 found files.

Simply Finds Any File Fast!


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Find files Spotlight doesn't.
As a root user, Files inside packages, bundles, hidden files, ...
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Very fast searching.
Fast searching on all available HFS formatted volumes.
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Filter results.
Easy show/hide packages content, hidden files and/or folders, show duplicates, ...
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No indexing.
Doesn't index files and doesn't depend on Spotlight.

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Advanced boolean operators.
Search after names, file sizes, creating and or modification dates, Folders, Alias, ...
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Keep your version up-to-date.

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