"Password Protect Your Applications"

Lock-It! password protects any application to prevent unwanted visitors from launching your applications.

Easy To Use

Lock-It! is very easy to use. Select any application you want to protect by drag’n'drop.
That’s it!

Background Process

Lock-It! is a background process and does not use any system resources.

Touch ID support

Use Touch ID to unlock applications. 


Using AES encryption schemes. No-one can launch a protected app without knowing the password.


Keep track when someone tries to start your protected apps.

Capture Photos

See who tried to launch your protected applications with failed attempts.


Create schedules for when applications can be run or not.


English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Chinese Simplified,Japanese, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, .. more to come.

Download Lock-It! for macOS

Lock-It! 1.1release info:

- Improved Touch-ID support.
- Now 100% native Apple Silicon.

Why did we change the name iLock to Lock-It ?
- A long time ago it was customary to give an app the prefix ‘i'. Apple has stopped doing this so we think it's a good idea to get rid of it too.

For Mac OS X 10.11.x up to macOS 14.x (Intel and Apple Silicon)

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iLock versions (All registered iLock users can upgrade to LockIt at 5€)

iLock 3.2 (for macOS 10.10 Intel only)
iLock 2.4 
(for Mac OS X 10.9.x Intel only)

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